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Located in Downtown Sacramento, California, the Law Office of Kristina M. Reed represents commercial landlords and business tenants in commercial lease matters, including negotiating and drafting agreements and handling lease dispute litigation. Kristina Reed represents commercial landlords and business tenants throughout Northern California.

Skilled Sacramento California Commercial Lease Attorney

Kristina Reed is a skilled commercial lease attorney. Having worked on lease deals and disputes in all sectors of commercial real estate (retail, office, industrial, and mixed-use), she knows the legal issues and business terms that are important to both landlords and business tenants. For example, negotiating lease terms such as tenant improvements, the common area maintenance charges, clarifying the repair obligations of the landlord and tenant, providing the ability to terminate the lease if the tenant does not obtain permits within a specified time period, and handling the obligations of the landlord and tenant with respect to hazardous substances and Americans With Disability Act warranties. Kristina Reed knows how to protect her client’s when it comes to lease negotiations and disputes. Kristina Reed counsels commercial landlords and tenants on the following issues:

  • Commercial Lease Negotiations – Kristina Reed approaches each lease negotiation by identifying the client’s goals and objectives for each particular deal. She then recommends and advises on the legal issues surrounding the particular deal, suggesting strategies for meeting goals and objectives during the negotiations. Kristina Reed has a clear understanding of what terms are important to each side in the negotiation and is adept at using negotiation tactics to secure lease terms that are important to her client. She is skilled at negotiating the most favorable lease possible for her clients.

  • Drafting the Commercial Lease – Kristina Reed crafts commercial leases that protects her client’s interests and ensures that all the favorable provisions and terms won in the negotiations are precisely included in the final lease.

  • Commercial Lease Review – Whenever a client is presented with a written lease or other commercial contract for their signature, Kristina Reed analyzes the contract to determine whether the provisions meet her client’s goals and objectives and determines if any changes are needed to protect her client’s interests and rights. She fully explains the contract provisions and their legal consequences so that there is no confusion about the rights and liabilities under the contract.

  • Commercial Lease Disputes – Kristina Reed handles commercial lease related disputes and litigation. She is a creative problem solver; always looking out for her clients bottom line while protecting their interests. Kristina Reed is a skilled and effective litigator. Whether negotiating a resolution or pursuing a matter in court, Kristina Reed fights for her clients. From breach of lease to unlawful detainers, Kristina Reed has a proven track record of effectively representing her client’s interests in court.

  • Commercial Lease Termination – Kristina Reed negotiates early termination of commercial leases to obtain the most favorable terms possible in the situation.

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