Commercial Unlawful Detainer

Representing Commercial Property Owners in the Greater Sacramento Area

Owners of leased commercial property will inevitably be faced with the removal of a commercial tenant for breach of the lease. Whether that breach is from the non-payment of rent, a failure to perform a term of the lease, or other type of breach, a commercial property owner needs a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to quickly and efficiently return to them possession of their leased property and collect the past due rent owed. Kristina Reed is a skilled real estate attorney, knowledgeable of the precise statutory procedures for unlawful detainer proceedings, experienced in handling unlawful detainer proceedings and collection of money owed under the lease. Whether negotiating a delinquency workout, preparing and serving a Notice to Pay or Perform, or filing and serving a Complaint for Unlawful Detainer, Kristina Reed knows the intricacies of the unlawful detainer process and works quickly to evict a tenant from the property and have a judgment entered for the past due rent owed.

Providing Strategic Pragmatic Advice To Commercial Landlords

Kristina Reed works with both commercial property management companies and commercial landlords to evaluate their needs and design strategies to accomplish their goals. She gives sophisticated counsel that provides pragmatic advice designed to meet the landlord’s goals and maximize recovery of money owed.

Kristina Reed represents owners of all types of commercial property, including Office, Retail and Industrial properties. She provides counsel and represents landlords in rent collections, Lease and CAM disputes, lease modifications, and creditor representation in tenant bankruptcies. Kristina Reed works closely with commercial property owners and property management companies to evaluate liability and collectability of money owed by tenants of their commercial property.

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