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The Law Office of Kristina M. Reed represents individuals and business in a wide range of real estate transactional matters. Whether advising on risk or negotiating and closing a transaction, Kristina Reed routinely represents both buyers and sellers, business owners, agents/brokers, and commercial landlords or commercial tenants. Kristina Reed handles all aspects of real estate development and construction, purchase and sale, and leasing of commercial real estate.

Every real estate transaction involves a distinct set of circumstances and goals. Kristina Reed works closely with her clients to clearly understand the specific details involved in the real estate transaction at issue and tailors her advice and services to meet the client's distinct goals for a particular transaction. Kristina Reed carefully reviews all agreements and counter offers to protect her clients from future legal or financial liabilities.

Each real estate transaction is essentially a contract negotiation. Kristina Reed is skilled at negotiating contracts and closing real estate transactions. Whether the transaction is between businesses or individuals, Kristina Reed is sensitive to the bottom line. Kristina Reed is client focused and results oriented, effectively and efficiently protecting her clients' rights and meeting their goals.

Kristina Reed acts decisively but cooperatively avoiding real estate litigation and resolving disputes in the most beneficial and efficient way for her clients.

California Titles and Deeds -- Lawyer Kristina Reed Ensures Your Interests Are Protected

A clean title is paramount to any good real estate transaction. Regardless of whether your transaction involves a real estate purchase, a change of title through inheritance, or a partition action, Kristina M. Reed brings knowledge and experience to the table. She identifies and resolves title issues prior to transfer of title and deed. Her skill with resolving complex title issues is a benefit to both residential and commercial real estate clients. Learn more about Kristina Reed's experience handling real estate titles and deeds.

Client Focused California Real Estate Attorney

Kristina Reed is responsive and attentive to her clients' needs. Property buyers and sellers, agents/brokers and commercial landlords/tenants trust in Kristina Reed's knowledge and skill.

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