California Corporation

Incorporating Your California Business for a Low Fixed Rate

For a flat fee, Kristina M. Reed will provide everything you need to form a California corporation. Ms. Reed will start with a 30 minute consultation to discuss the incorporation process and help you select the appropriate business entity for your business needs. She will explain the differences between a California corporation and other types of business entities, such as a California limited liability company (LLC), a California limited liability partnership (LLP) and a California partnership. During the initial consultation, Ms. Reed will also discuss the pros and cons of the California C-corporation versus the California S-corporation.

California Incorporation Package Includes
  • Initial Consultation;
  • Corporate Name Clearance and Reservation;
  • Preparation and filing of the Articles of Incorporation, with standard indemnification of the officers and directors of the corporation;
  • Preparation of the Resolution of the Incorporator;
  • Preparation of Bylaws detailing the management of the corporation;
  • Preparation of Organizational Minutes, or Resolutions, of the Board of Directors;
  • Preparation of the Minutes, or Resolutions, of the First Shareholder's Meeting, including election of S Corporation Tax Status if applicable;
  • Preparation of I.R.S. Form SS-4 to obtain a federal taxpayer identification number;
  • Preparation of I.R.S. Form 2553 S-Election (if applicable to elect S Tax status);
  • Preparation of the Information Statement of Officers and Directors which must be filed with the Secretary of State within 90 days of incorporation;
  • Preparation of letter from each of the shareholders requesting issuance of shares;
  • Preparation of stock certificates for issuance by the corporation;
  • Preparation of the corporation's stock ledger; and,
  • Preparation of the Commissioner Notice of Transaction

The Flat Fee for the California Incorporation Package starts at $1,499.00, plus costs for a single owner corporations. Flat Fees for multi-owner corporations and professional corporations start at $1,999.00, plus costs.

To discuss your business start-up, or other business formation issues, contact Kristina Reed.

Client Reviews
Kristina was amazing for all aspects of our FSBO. Super smooth process, worked hard to get our tight framework met. Highly recommend!! Barbara C.
Kristina Reed handled the legal work of creating a corporation for my photography business in the state of California. She was extremely professional to work with and very prompt in her response times. She explained everything in language I could understand and helped me navigate the process smoothly from start to finish. I was very happy with her services and will definitely return to her for any future needs! Amy W.
As the co-owner of a small business, the process of selling assets was overwhelming. It was great to have [Kristina Reed's] advice throughout every step of a very demanding and hectic process. We were very pleased with [Kristina Reed's] class, focus and approachability. [Kristina Reed] always acted as a valued associate to the company and became a reliable advisor. Furthermore, we thank [Kristina Reed] for [her] calm encouragement when it was most needed would recommend [her] expertise unequivocally. Todd S.
I reached out to Kristina to assist with drafting some contractual real estate paperwork, and was not disappointed. She provided a prompt response and was very helpful in accommodating my request. Her expertise ensured a thorough conclusion. I would gladly recommend Kristina to other individuals needing real estate expertise. Stephen R.